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My father was a stern, hard, but good-natured disciplinarian. He made the rules, wrote them down on paper and tacked the list on the inside of the kitchen door where my two brothers, sister and I could see them every day. When we broke one or more of the rules, there was a penalty we had to pay - usually the removal of a privilege and a lecture. Sometimes there was a spanking, but it was always followed by a lecture. As we got older the spankings were not as frequent but the lectures seemed to become longer and longer to the point where we used to wish for the spanking instead of the lecture!

Now, our grown kids tell me I did the same with them when they were young and their reaction to the lectures and the punishment was much the same as mine was years ago.

Naturally, now that I am a Christian, all that happened in my childhood has caused me to search the Scriptures for proof that what my Dad did and said regarding my behavior back then was justified.

Even today, I hear echoes of my Dad's lectures as I read in my Bible:

"Hear my son, your father's instruction... (Prov.1:8); My son, if sinners entice you, do not consent...(Prov. 1:10); Give heed to my reproof, behold I will pour out my thoughts to you, I will make my words known to you...(Prov. 1:23); My son, do not forget my teachings...(Prov. 3:1); Hear, O sons, a father's instruction...(Prov 1:4); My son, be attentive to my wisdom...(Prov 1:5); My son, keep your father's commandment...(Prov. 5:20)."

I consider you to be my brothers and sisters in faith and as Christians, we all have a Heavenly Father who is so loving and concerned about our behavior that we now have His list of rules written for us in  the format of a book, the book we call: the Bible.  Anytime we need to know what is the right thing to do, all we have to do is look up the rules there in our Heavenly Father's always handy -  list of rules. 


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Terry Weber is a retired advertising/direct mail sales letter copywriter and inventor of several useful items. Terry and his wife Doris are Habitat For Humanity, RV Care-A- Vanners who, for the past eight years have volunteered to help build more than 39 houses all over the USA. They travel to and from the 2-week long builds in their RV. The money they make on their website: http://www.originalsbyweber.com helps them pay their expenses to and from those volunteer Habitat builds.

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Father Makes Rules

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This article was published on 2010/04/01
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