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It is very easy to get discouraged as you partake in freestyle rap battles. You may not win them all. People have a tendency to really get down when they lose these battles. In order to get past this, we are going to discuss a very important rule today. This is known as the Positive Interpretation rule.

So the first question is what is the positive interpretation rule? To begin with this rule says that we should look at everything we do with a positive light. This follows something that I like to follow in my own life. I do the best that I can to not let any negativity invade my mind.

As this relates to your MC battles, if you lose any battles, or if other people diss you, or even if they tease you and laugh at you, you must look at that with a positive mindset. For all of the negative words that you may hear, you must counter them with positive thoughts and words.

You must interpret everything from a positive aspect. For example, if they are laughing at you, you must think that they are really jealous that they aren't doing what you have the opportunity to do. They may be laughing at your words, but not personally at you. If they boo you, remember that they are booing something that you said, not you. The positive mindset that you will nurture may help you to develop an even stronger and confident mind, which will lead you to a success in your MC battles.

So as you go forward, stay positive in your freestyle skills. Exude confidence. As you do this, your audience will gain confidence in what you do and say. Convince your audience as you present your skills in a positive manner. This will help you help you to become a better freestyle rap battler.

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Learn a Great Freestyle Battle Rule

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This article was published on 2010/03/26